Bonus Flash application for which we have prepared showcase animation exceeded 3 million active users! Haven’t you downloaded yet?

Garanti Bank launched the Bonus Flash application last November. It had made an assertive beginning in order to be the first shopping platform provided by a bank in Turkey and that this product,of which we had prepared the showcase video as Epic İşler, has past 1 million active users proves this claim. Let’s guide the ones who haven’t seen the video yet here and the ones who haven’t downloaded it yet to Google Play and iOS Stores.

A part from the news about the application:

From the point of Garanti Bank, Bonus Flash, which has left its sixth month behind, is a true succes story. Garanti Payment Systems Digital Marketing and Commercial Cards Vice President Çağrı Süzer, who shared this story with us, informs us that Bonus Flash application has exceeded 1.6 million downloads so far.