Payment System Startup by Hepsipay

Hepsipay is a 100% affiliate of, which is one of Turkey’s leading e-commerce sites, and offers a safe and easy payment solutions by benefiting from the experience of in the sector. Hepsipay entered the sector in early 2016 and aims to provide easy, accessible and reliable payment services to its customers.

Hepsipay, which has a team we enjoy working with as Epik İşler, come sto change the rules of the payment systems sector as well as containing the startup spirit.

The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ video that we had prepared for

“Payments are here, things are in order.”

Production Process Of Support Videos

First, we have identified the needs of our customer Hepsipay. We have decided that they need a solution where they can easily transfer some details, such as frequently asked questions from users or steps to be followed in the membership process.

Thanks to the videos we had produced, we prevented the users from getting stuck and provided save of time while putting the details of these processes into an entertaining format. Thus, we helped Hepsipay take a step further within the scope of the vision of Hepsipay, which aims to ‘expand the world of digital payments by making the payment experience easier’.

Hepsipay Support Videos by Epik İşler

You can watch the help videos we produced for Hepsipay below or you can access by clicking here.

Hepsipay support videos

Promotional animation video we created in 2016 for

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