The application, of which we have made the promotional animation as Epic İşler, developed by SBM and which enables the creation of accident reports in mobile environments, has been downloaded to the phones more than 425 thousand times in 1 year. 


Some of the users expressed their love as follows:

“I have installed and reviewed the program. A successful, ergonomic and useful program one can’t expect from our country. I was amazed to be honest. Such ideas constantly come to mind of the state, semi-private and private institutions. But the result / product / program we see as outcome is always premature, so devoid of ergonomics and useless that you won’t ever use it again. Usually you witness the loss of a beautiful idea with a terrible application.
This one is different. It should be downloaded and should be kept, adding “Hopefully we will never have an accident and have to use it”.”

(Source:ekşi sözlük)

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