Remember the opening trailer of UX Alive 2017?

UX Alive is the largest international event on User Experience and Usability composed of both presentations and workshops held by international UX stars, in Europe and MENA region. Being one of the sponsors of this event since two years has been a great experience for us while also making the opening trailers of them both.

Wondering how the opening trailer video of UX Alive 17 has been made? Come along and we share the story of it with you.

UX Alive 2017 Opening Sequence

The largest user experience conference

with presentations & workshops

in Istanbul

Concept & Brief

Everything starts with an idea which then leads to brainstorming and the creation of the concept. When we first got the brief from our client there were a bunch of ideas floating around. The main motto of 2017 was #beyondexperience and our client had come up with an idea of mixing todays’ technology with ancient figures which created a great contrast and also giving the audience a huge question mark to wonder about.

As the concept of the event was getting shaped already, Userspots had worked on some visuals which will be the main identity. The challenge for us was how would we fit this concept into an epik opening trailer.

Concept sketches by Userspots

Mood Board & Visual World

Next step is to create the visual world, giving the video project a mood which will then become ‘alive’ and will communicate the feeling with the audience. Researching visuals and gathering visual documents give a brief idea of how the mood will be. This mood board can be created with anything, from textures to screenshots or from drawings to colors…

Objects & Elements
Colors & Textures

Mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. This is a very crucial step.

Storyboard & Style Frames

After the flow has been written it will then be visualised with a storyboard creating the timeline of the video. The flow of the story becomes visualised which gives the designers an idea if it is in the correct order in terms of correctly telling the story to the audience.

Time to work on the scenes and that means hardcore creation is now in progress. 3D models, texturing and some camera angles are being tested with still frames.

Apollo puts on his astronaut helmet,

Pavlus puts on his smart watch.

Ready to go!

Editing & Fine Tuning

We have our scenes rendered seperately. It is time to edit them to put our videos of our scenes together to make a single video. Fine tuning will be our final step. Some color correction and VFX will be implemented until we get the output we want for our video.

A fine tuned scene

Fine tuning process depends on what kind of output you want from your final product. You can check the fine tuning of a scene above to see the before & after of it. We had some VFX, color correction and compositing in this video. You may see how some little touches change the whole feeling of the video.

Along with all these visual works going on, sound design and music bumps in making the final impact for your video.

Some screenshots from the final video

Voila! Ready to watch!

Our video is now ready to be watched. We have shortly tried to share the story of how this video has been created for UX Alive 2017, starting from the idea stage until it has been served at the opening of the event. Communicating a message by a video is always a strong way in terms of interacting with the audience, it is always ‘Alive’. Hope you enjoyed!

Thank you for checking out. You may contact us from for any questions or inquiries.

Who thinks it is epik enough to open UX Alive 2017?  Check it yourself.

UX Alive 2017 Opening Sequence

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